FODDBASA (Foreign Object Debris, Drone And Bird-Aircraft Strike Avoidance )


FODDBASA (Foreign Object Debris, Drone and Bird-Aircraft Strike Avoidance )

The FODBASA system is an integrated sensor system solution consisting  of a FODA sub-system and a BASA sub-system. Each sub-system in turn  consist of one, two or multiple individual radars. For optimal performance  it is usually recommended to use two or more radars. Likewise, it is recommended  to use two or more high-resolution cameras.

The FODA sub-system is based on Ka-band technology as a compromise  between high resolution capability and reduced susceptibility to clutter and  attenuation from precipitation but also price. The coverage range will typically  be 3 km. The BASA sub-system is based on X-band technology that provides  enough resolution capability and at the same time all-weather performance.  An extended coverage range up to approximately 10 km is provided.  Two separate subsystems are responsible for coverage of a flat 360° horisontal  sector and a vertical (elevation) corridor centered along the runways respectively.

FODA sub-system and a BASA sub-system can transfer complementary  information in a way to warrant dual-band operation covering the critical  runway surface zone.


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